This Diwali Lamps and more from Studio Moya

Setting the mood with this . Moya is for anyone who knows what they are and can stand for themselves.Imagine Konkana Sen, Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan and yourself as Moya women ! Moya products are made in India by local artisans  seeping in the traditions of India. “Design for us is a story telling and […]


Story of Rangsutra

So we took a bit of a break during Diwali. If you follow me on Instagram you know what I have been upto After deciding to skip the Delhi pollution during Diwali , family and I ended up in BHaratpur Bird Sanctuary to meet our winged friends specially those who visit us at this time of […]


Block Print love- Rekh & Datta

Hello Dearies , Its getting busier and busier at Peacocks in the Rain . Its unbelievable on how much we want to talk about on this site and there is soooooo little time. This morning I was looking for places where I could visit block print artisans in Rajastan , Sanganer, Jaipur …. and I […]


Handmade in India

I used to do pottery many years ago. Over the years as we moved cities , unfortunately I lost touch. Pottery taught me several things . PATIENCE was the most important of them and then the importance of creating something from your own hands. In an era where we probably use our fingers to only […]

BeFunky Design

Tura Turi – Where stories come alive

Tura Turi – Its such a beautiful name. Maybe not more beautiful that the products . Two sisters Priyanka and Payal have created a quintessential Indian product for all kids and their mums (&dads) . Here are some excerpts from our our little conversation with the girls. What is Tura Turi and why this name […]