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“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly” Nrinam is one such beautiful caterpillar . Before you hear their story – first the music .
Founded by  Aishwarya Tandon a student of LLM from Delhi University – Nrinam is a combination ofher parents names, NRI-pendra and poo-NAM. They speacialise in Block print and applique sarees and garments.
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She  had been friends with these girls since a while, as she used to meet them on her way to university, The idea struck her  in 2014, however she formally launched the brand in 2016.
Brand’s USP is that all their  products are handloom, mostly upcycled (they  use boutique cloth left overs for applique) and is handmade. The products are  a feel good for the skin.  Most things have been designed by their grand mother and mother, they’re the design brains behind the enterprise.
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One of the most challenging and memorable times was  to convince the girls to come to school. They had to pay them  initially, post 3-4 week there was a day when the finances had taken a toll and she  wasn’t able to pay them, they collectively told me to not pay, and that they did not need money to attend training anymore because they trust her
Aishwarya feels their success is when each girl in our school now supports their families, they earn between 5k-7k every month. Nrinam wants  to foster as many nomads on the road, in the city and hopefully beyond that too.
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To purchase Nrinam products follow them on Instagram here and Facebook here.
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