Snug Ons for the this perfect winter season

In 2014, two young entrepreneurs,founded the brand SungOns. Their Indian roots forged a strong love for Indian art and craftsmanship, decided to spread this essence across the globe.

Siddhi  the brand’s founder completed  masters in Bio-Technology from Mumbai Ruia and  published her research paper in emirates journal of food and agriculture but her love for India and  shoes led towards building SnugOns.


“This was not how I imagined my career. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur hence I am working towards achieving my dream goals now.” says Siddhi


SnugOns means coziness /comfort which perfectly complements the product-  SnugOns


A perfect blend of comfort and style is what makes SnugOns. If you ask us what is so different about the brand and our  only answer is wear it and you will get the answer. The best part of this footwear is it’s almost weightless.We make sure you are not carrying any extra weight with your style.




Siddhi says that the journey has been really interesting and it’s still rolling on. I remember when my partner and I made the first product,the first deal , the first employee everything is memorable.



We are soon launching Guy’s shoes which is equally going to be different like our other products. In 2017  Siddhi says she is going to strive for   more perfection and spread  her wings across the globe :-)




Siddhi ends with her most inspirational quote – Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower- Steve Jobs. I remember this whenever I design my product I make sure there is always a innovation of something different from what is already existing.




Right now Snug Ons is retailing through hi-end boutiques and online. Follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here .


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