Celebrating India’s most versatile garment at #sariutsav in Delhi

A special post for all Sari lovers. The Saree Festival is happening in Delhi this weekend. The festival celebrates the richness of the traditional drape of India, and its all-pervasiveness in our cultural milieu, and is India’s first and unique celebration of the Saree. The centrepiece of the festival, Saree Mela is a celebration of the diversity of Sarees, featuring signature pieces from varied styles – hand-woven to fashion forward sarees, artistic and design interventions to digital print sarees.

The Saree Festival started in 2014 by ‘The Saree Man’ – Himanshu Verma , a crystallisation of Himanshu’s personal love for the Saree into a formal project. While the richness of experience that the Saree is capable of in contemporary times, was there for anyone to see, it was very rare to see a comprehensive, all encompassing celebration of the Saree.The Saree Festival attempted to be the first of its kind, all-pervasive love affair with the drape, in bringing together the vast richness of styles, materials, traditions, techniques, experiments, and vocabularies, that bloom under the never ending swirl of the Saree.


We asked Himanshu about his favorite and most  most treasured sari and why .  ” Probably, my mother’s wedding Saree. A couple of years ago, I whacked all my mother’s old Sarees, the kind of weaves and style we do not find today at all. My mother’s wedding saree is a stunning Banarasi, with real zari, and I think it would be impossible to even dream of such workmanship today, so obviously it is the most prized possession of my mini saree museum. ”

Himanshu says that any kind of woman can look great in a Saree. It can be made to work for any body type, and possibly women of any ethnic type, though of course the comfort quotient with drapes is much higher in the Indian collective conscious. However, if the wearer is not comfortable with the idea of being draped, then it could be awkward – in her clumsy body language for example – but broadly speaking, there is no doubt, that the saree being a fluid drape, is good for all women.

Here is what Peacocks in the Rain looks forward to in the upcoming Saree festival :

Pratham’s Pichwai Collection




Banarasis by Kala Sangam which they have been spear heading. So we again see some unusual styles


and Galang Gabaan’s Sinthal Linen collection.



These and many more  beautiful Saris only  at Alliance Francaise this weekend .


Festival is happening at :

Alliance Francaise De Delhi

from April 15 – 17, 2017


Till we see you this weekend – “Jai Saree”

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