Pop of colors at Diya Mehta Label

Music as requested by Diya Mehta founder of the brand

Before Diya started her design journey she  was a producer in advertising and  worked with different Production Houses, to produce ad films for India and the international markets .
“The brand has come out of my love for Design , and the desire to create beautiful things, for oneself and one’s home.” says Diya


Although Diya was never trained in design, production design was part of her job for a few years while she was in advertising. The directors she worked with were sticklers for perfection and the right look demanded a lot, whether in costumes or props. “I learnt a lot about details and the final look coming together at work. Growing up in a home that was full of elegance and grace, also aided my sense of putting together colors and textures. The flow and fall of fabrics, how prints and colors enhance the design and how the garments come alive once put on a body… is what always amazed me ” Says Diya


“Tie and Dye is what I love working with the most and mulmul, works well in our climate so we have been doing a lot of work in mul and tie and dye and will continue to experiment with these. The lightness of mul is best suited to our very tropical weather here in Mumbai and other places where summer is largely predominant. The fall of the fabric works well for my designs. Mulmul as a fabric is great for anytime of the year.”
Diya Mehta Clothing is all about “Stylized Comfort.” They usually keep the cuts straight with minimal embellishments. Each of the garments can be styled and accessorized in different ways, adding an element of one’s own personality. The designs are produced in limited editions making the collection individualistic and one of a kind. We specially adore their kids collection.

Diya says  that when you are comfortable, you will be more confident and fashion will be the statement you make. Clothes may be the vision of the designer but when worn it is an expression of you.

“We love playing with prints and colors so we are constantly experimenting and creating our own prints and fabrics. This adds to the style as certain prints and color combinations really lift a design. My cuts are not too fitted however they are meant to still flatter your body type. As I work a lot with mulmul the cuts are either straight or draped as it really shows up in the fabric. As the fabrics are our own we can customize colors and prints to your preference. ”




“One is constantly referencing to see what is going on in the world of fashion and creating my own style too, as it is easy to follow but hard to create. However a blend of the two makes the garment quite unique. Recently we redid our packaging as I wanted our clients to feel like they have bought a piece of jewelry so wrapped in white paper with
ribbon, really gives you a feeling of joy to unpack. Its little details that I would like to keep working on also to make the label unique and the experience of owning an outfit from The Diya Mehta brand a joyful one.”


“I hope to be able to setup a complete design house that caters to clothing for adults and children, accessories complimenting the same. A line of home linen with each department having a separate team, dedicated to itself.
I would like to work more with weavers and experiment with printing and dyeing techniques that are done by hand to create fabrics and prints that are our own.”

As Diya sums it up through the words of Kahlil Gibran  “Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror.”

Our recommendations for DML must haves

Love Kalki’s jumpsuit look

Asymmetrical dress

Kalki again in this cool  tie n dye Jumpsuit and flared palazzos

  A matching mommy and daughter tie n dye blue shirts



“At a show in Chennai, we met women who were very comfortable with their bodies and their own style. This made them appreciate our sensibilities tremendously. Watching them enjoy our clothes, buying generously, accessorizing them to make it their own style statement and each one complimenting our line was a great boost for our team and me. ”

For purchase queries follow Diya Mehta Label on Facebook here and Instagram here.

You can also email them at – And if you are in Mumbai drop by at  The Tribe, Versova

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