Paithani Sari from Maharashtra

I have lived in Pune for a few  years and this post is an ode to the proud Marathas who are fiercely loyal and proud of their rich cultural heritage. What follows is probably just the tip of the iceberg and I will be writing more from this part of the country in many more posts to come.

But first the music suggested by Karan also from my favorite movie in recent times.


Karan Raskar who is a Chartered Accountant by profession and collects vintage and antique brass as a hobby. He also takes these beautiful photographs in his free time .

Traditional Maharashtrian sarees include Paithani, Narayan Peth, Rajmata, Irkal etc . Paithani can be said to be the queen of all Maharashtrian saree patterns.


Paithani ( पैठणी) is a variety of silk saree which has its origin in Paithan town in Maharashtra ( Hence, the name Paithani) . It is made from very fine silk and is considered as one of the richest sarees in India



Paithani is characterised by borders of an oblique square design and a pallu with a peacock design. One can find them in a variety of vibrant colours , plain as well as with spotted designs. Among other varieties , single colored and kaleidoscope colored designs ( two color Paithani ) are also popular . The kaleidoscope effect is achieved by using one color for weaving lengthwise and another for weaving width wise.

Traditional Maharashtrain jewelery includes Mangalsutra, Thushi , Mohan mal , Bor, simple vajratik, belpan yajratik , raani haar , putla haar , chandra haar, surya haar , nath (nose ring ), patlya and tode ( variety of bangles).



Thee Shringar Peti was used to keep the haldi kumkum containers(called as karandas),kajal and wax containers.In olden days, wax(extracted from beehive) was used as adhesive for kumkum.It was applied first on the forehead in the desired shapes like circle,chandra(crescent moon) etc. and then kumkum was applied over it.


Text and pictures by Karan Raskar . Follow him on Instagram here .

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