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Chinanshu – Paarisha’s founder declares herself as a boring banker who turned into a designer. Her love for all things bright , talking, sweet tea and bitter coffee – all comes out in Paarisha’s eclectic designs.
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She says she loves dogs and animals, travel, good conversations and her morning walk.
Inspiration for Paarisha jewellery comes from everywhere -“It can be a small conversation or walk in the rain, my morning walk, travel or even reading. I love to play with different material, sometimes simple things catch my eye and studio is where all experimentation happens. It is a long and slow process of making jewelry, a lot of thoughts, experimentation to arrive at something you are happy with sharing with your customers.”
Chinanshu moved to Bangalore after completing her course in jewelry designing from IIGJ Jaipur. She says she had ideas in her  head that needed to take form and hence the brand was born – “I always knew I would be an artist first and expressing myself was at the core of everything. I started small and have grown organically without pushing myself into achieving something.”
Paarisha designs are a result of a lot of newness, nonconformity, and experimentation. Chinanshu is  constantly thinking about how can she add more meaning to her  products. Hence a lot of design thinking. She says she  has always admired works of  Alexander Calder, Todd Reed, Gustav Reyes
“So every product starts with ideas, I evaluate them on sustainability and decide the numbers I will do. I don’t make many or sometimes no repeats even. I am cautious of the material I use and what will happen to the product once it has outlived its life. Hence the Paarisha promise- where we promise to reuse, upcycle and reduce the non-organic and non-bio degradable part and reuse and redesign the piece to increase its life span.  What is most fulfilling is the customer is involved in this process- so simply put you use the product and once it’s outlived its life you get it redesigned with us.”
Here are our  recommendations for  top Paarisha collections:
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Collection C
collection C
Hai necklace and Hai bangles
Mumbai reloaded for the festive special
In near future Paarisha hopes to employ more women someday even 100 says Chinanshu . They also plan to increase their offerings in metal, fine, contemporary and artistic jewellery.
“I am thankful that through my work I have met some really beautiful and amazing people. I am glad that jewelry is that small yet very personal piece of you. I travel and try and be part of all the exhibitions that we do, so I am personally meeting all the women- it’s important for me to see how they react to my work.” Says Chinanshu
Chinanshu’s advice for budding designers – ” Remember there are no failures , only feedback. Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art ” Andy Warhol.
It pretty much sums up my way of doing what I do. Which  she does beautifully.
Buy Paarisha online here .
They also retail at Artisans in Mumbai
Sugar in Surat.
Folks in bangalore can visit them at : #70Bhuvaneshwari Lane, Whitefield Road
Follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here .
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