Our first wedding post – the ‘artisan’ bride.

Roopali and I had been exchanging a few emails last month . She lives in California and was almost always travelling for work . We finally ended up speaking on the Diwali morning. It was a such a wonderful conversation. We spoke about her wedding which will complete its grand one year in February next year , we spoke about her favorite designers , her love for Indian art forms —-It was so much fun.

If you are a bride to be or know someone who is getting married , take out your notebooks , because you will have a lot of inspiration coming your way .

Card 6.

Card 1

This wedding card was originally a 4ft tall scroll painting. Popularly known as ‘phad’ painting in Rajasthan.  The wedding cards were finally digitally printed from the phad painting by The Hundred Hands.

What she Wore

Roopali designed just 3 outfits for her trousseau- all of which she felt like she could wear again. Her engagement dress was a  sari in chanderi weaves from Madhya Pradesh,her Sangeet outfit a lightweight cotton dress and her wedding outfit was inspired by the Rabari tribe”










engagement shoes


The Jewellery & Accessories

Roopali wore Dhokra Jewelry from Orissa along with gold jewellery from her family. She also picked up jewelry from FabIndia and Central Cottage Emporium.



Gifting for the wedding .Family used “khadi” products and “madhubani” painted trays and baskets from Delhi Haat  for sharing gifts with wedding guests.

gifting ideas




Here are some tips and recommendations from Roopali :
  • Indian bridal market is very fragmented , you can spend thousands of dollars on something studded with plastics , but with the same money you can buy something handmade
  • Plan much in advance. Roopali took 6 months to plan all the designers and artisans, specially because she was not in India. If you are in India for planning your wedding it would take you around 4 months or so.
  • You can find most  designers and artisans online.

Roopali said that she was quite relaxed before her wedding , because she knew half way across the world , someone was painting for her  wedding card or a weaver is making her dress.

If you are interested in planning a similar wedding and need more details on the artists and designers, drop us an email at –

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