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A visit to Jaipur would be incomplete without buying or atleast eye feasting on the traditional gotta patti sarees, lehengas or suits. A lot of Indian brides dream of wearing the regal gotta patti lehengas on THE day.


And as luck would have it my recent visit to Jaipur brought me to stay in the wonderful Naila Bagh Palace locally popular as Naila House also the home of the erstwhile Prime Minister of Jaipur. Naila is also the biggest center in Rajasthan for the gotta patti work.

Traditionally Gota ribbons were woven with a warp of flattened gold and silver wire and a weft of silk/cotton thread and used as functional decorative trims for a variety of garments and textiles used by the royalty , members of the court , temple idols and priests , as well as altar clothes at shrines and prayer offerings.


With the subsequent substitution of pure gold and silver with gilt or lurex and mass production of gota on electrically powered swivel looms at Surat and Ajmer , gota came to be used by all the communities and casts of Rajasthan . Considered to be a shagan , a symbol of good omen and good will , gota maybe used as a kinari , edging or cut and manipulated into motifs that are sewn into garments and turbans worn durings weddings and festivals such as Id, Diwali, Dussehra , Sharad Purnima , Holi , Teej and Gangaur .

pink dress

In the technique of gota tukdi , gota is cut into shapes such as the gamla ( flower pot), kairi(mango), and champak flower and appliques onto a basic fabric embellished with embroidery techniques such as zardozi and ari . Gota patti involves the folding of tapes into basic rhomboid units , referred to as patti or leaves , and combining them to create elaborate motifs and patterns that are sewn onto turbans , garments , baskets , thalposh or platter covers and hookah .




Pallavi , the lady of the house at Naila Palace is also a talented fashion designer and works directly with the artisans in the Naila village to create some unique and exquisite pieces . Here are some of the pictures of the work done by her . Catch a glimpse of her work below and drop her an email if you would like to get your own clothes customized. Her email is






Content Source : Handmade in India by Ranjan & Ranjan

Pictures are from Pinterest , if you own any of these write to me and I will update credits.

Pictures of Pallavi’s sarees were taken by me at the Naila Bagh Palace.

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  1. i want the contact no. of gotta patti artisan. I have a project of working with them and give them new ideas of making product so that it will be benificial to them.

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