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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.                             Explore. Dream. Discover.”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr., P.S. I Love You

Vinita’s favorite quote from one my favorite books and movie.

Translate is​ a concept apparel and home design company from India which works with regional ikat artisans in transforming the traditional hand-loom weaving to contemporary wear for women. The primary focus of ‘Translate” is to revive the age-old traditional art of ikat, bringing it to a larger audience through weaving, designing, producing and retailing.




Vinita is self taught and exploratory and loves Indian crafts  & textiles. She also has a design store named Anonym which works with some of the finest labels from the  country. The store has built a loyal and discerning client base over a decade now. She loves to curate spaces and ideas and has a strong sense on how to bridge the gap between fashion and aesthetic clothing.Vinita also owns a multi designer store named Anonym which specializes in clothing and textiles from India with global aesthetics.



“I have a nine year old daughter whose name is Ahi. Juggling between a hectic work and home life I find time to travel .I love yoga and swimming as it keeps me fit and refreshed”

“My passion for textiles and my work makes me exploratory in the field of handlooms.  On one such exploration trip to a neighboring village near Pochampally, I discovered a small weaver’s cluster which was involved in the process of ikat weaving. I was fascinated by the weaving. My undying love for Indian textiles took me there again to know what it takes to make an ikat textile. After meeting few master weavers and their families, listening to them about how the new generation has nearly given up on weaving and the craft is gradually receding due to lack of manpower wanting to involve with handloom ikats, the voice inside of me said I must involve myself with ikats to create an awareness of this magnificent art form. Having nurtured contemporary sensibility in fashion trends ikat was a huge connection as Ikat forms are graphical.” – Vinita




“Ikat ​ is my favourite of all indian handcrafted textiles as it​ is the oldest known patterned textile in the world, with a history that spans across multiple cultures. Ikat is primary a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs a resist dyeing process on the warp or weft or ‘double ikat’  prior to dyeing and weaving. It is known to have existed in India since at least the sixth century. Traditionally, ikat are symbols of status, wealth, power and prestige because of the time and skill involved in weaving. ” – Vinita



( Translate’s beautiful ikat home linen)


“We decided to create something with the already existing facilities in that sector that’s when the seed was sown.  We named the company Translate hand woven Ikat as our idea is to translate and ​revive​ the traditional ikat weaving skill into functional wear. We work with handloom weavers despite the market being flooded with power loom ikats to revive the dying art which is at its brink of extinction.”

The USP of Translate is the art of fusing the traditional textile in a garment with ​ global ​aesthetics. The intricate patterns, the colors, the labor intensive process, the final fabric travels in so many hands before completion ​ . “Our textiles are 100% handwoven we use azofree dyes and our textiles are prewashes and hence there is no garment shrinkage later. Its got an effortless styling which makes it versatile and timeless.​ ” says Vinita


BeFunky Collage

“We at Translate are experimenting with creating new motifs taking inspiration from the traditional designs. We fuse traditional motifs with contemporary cuts for garments. We have created multi-colored motifs inspired from Uzbekistan Ikat by mixing them in traditional Pochampally region colors.Our textile story is planned way in advance as the craft is a labor intensive and is time consuming process .”


“We work with traditional Ikat motifs inspired from the Pochampally region. The design process involves a lot of discussions with weavers, Dyers, ikat Pattern masters, Cutting masters and Tailors. After finalizing on patterns and colors it takes about 30 days to 45 days to weave the fabric. The process is very labor intensive, and requires skilled labors. It involves boiling the yarn, warp preparation, and warp tying, warp dyeing, loom set up, weft tie and dye Handloom weaving.  We use fine cotton yarns and work with AZO free dyes; all our textiles are pre- washed before stitching to ensure they are color fast and pre-shrunk. We follow small batch production and are not mass produced. We recycle the smaller pieces of textiles as tassels on dupattas and stoles, so there is no textile wastage”


The urban affluent of today’s generation are waking up to the traditional and rich heritage of Ikat design, setting up the path for revival and resurgence of the glorious fabric of the ancient world. Through its sustainable, functional and sensible ready-to-wear Ikat clothing, Translate is proud to play a part in creating awareness for India’s rich heritage in handlooms, and helping renew great work of needy, talented weavers from across the globe. Translate’ focuses on warp Ikat, weft Ikat and double Ikat which is on the brink of extinction. This is a one of its kind attempt to reintroduce Ikat weaves to suit urban, chic, and comfortable everyday fashion. The outfits are classic, minimalistic with attention to detail and have more emphasis on effortless styling.


“We have found a ​genre of audience who share the same passion for handcrafted textiles ​. The ease of the fit of the garment, the feel of the fabric and the ​popularity of the craft ​is what pulls everyone to our clothes. We are against fast fashion; our garments are ever-green and can be worn for many seasons.” – Vinita



Translate woman is an independent free spirited person w​ho ​believes in fuss free clothing and defines her own style in fashion. When asked which bollywood celebrities do you envision wearing Translate clothes Vinita said ” Oh I have a long list – Tabu, Kangana Ranaut, Vidya Balan​, Konkona Sen, Shefali Shah ,Nimrit Kaur.




Vinita says that every woman must have a Patan Patola Sari , Kani Shawl,Kimono in Ikat,Vintage ring and baroque ​ shoe​ for a contemporary yet traditional Indian wardrobe :)

“I cannot forget this incident when we were exhibiting in Bangalore at Raintree and a lawyer came and bought a beautiful outfit from us. She was on her way to catch her flight and hence decided to be in ​our​ ikat outfit. Few months later I met someone in a Delhi at an event who was looking up for our label.​ When I met her she told me how she fell in love with the outfit she saw this person wearing in a flight  and she recommended her to go look for the label. It’s surprising the magic of our clothes brought her to look for us. In my experience of travel and meeting diverse people I have realized Translate audience has same sensibilities that end up liking our aesthetics. ”

​Couldn’t agree more Vinita , and our blog readers , enjoy similar aesthetics too.

To purchase Translate clothes and accessories , check out their website here.  Follow them on Facebook here, Instagram here and Pinterest here

Email : enquire@ikatindia.com

Also visit their stores at

Store Anonym
550 F,Next to Little Italy Restaurant,
Road. No-92, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad-32
T: 04023552386  M: 0995916772897
Translate hand woven store
24/1, Hauz khas village,
lane behind ogaan, new delhi-16
mob: 9810303673



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  1. I’m Nirali from Bangalore and I am a fashion student . I’m doing a project work on ikat work and I’m in a need of the ikat artists for my further work on it. it would be a great help if u could provide me with details of these artists .

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