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I have featured a few artists previously on the blog. Going forward , this will be a regular feature as a part of ” Meet the artist “.

I love Bipasha’s thoughts behind each piece of her art. It shows that each stroke comes with a strong mind and a very gentle heart…

“I’m an artist” doesn’t seem to roll off the tongue easily and yet it’s critical to be able to say it with confidence. It seems to be easier for people with an art degree to pronounce their profession to the world but for me it was a find. For most people, there is no turnkey moment when they say, “NOW I know I’m an artist.” It’s more of a slow, steady slog on the way to the title. Hence it is difficult to introduce myself when I know I am in the process of becoming.

I am Bipasha Sarangi, a media professional that also embraces the free spirit of an artist breathing in me via my brand JOBA.I don’t know what constitutes an artists personality but for me my love for colors and the ability to express myself through intricate detailing is what makes JOBA. I never started painting with an objective of telling the world..”Hey, I am an artist.” Painting happened to me and colors found me. In my heart I hold a huge space for folk and tribal culture. History and anything that screams lost chapters excite me and grab my attention.

I draw inspiration from my observation. I started doodling when I was in school and often people laughed at me as I was just scribbling and dirtying my schoolbook. I too didn’t know what I was doing or if I had it in me to hit the canvas but I just kept doing what I loved, i.e. scribbling.

Like everybody I too had my moments where I was questioning myself but fortunately colors came to my rescue. I befriended colors/shades and they in return colored my life.

JOBA happened as I wanted to revive dying tribal art forms but I also knew that my biggest block was connecting these old beauties with the evolved taste of the younger generation. It was then that I decided to contemporize tribal art and give it a new packaging.

I do not know where this is heading or where this will but I am certain that it will continue to live and celebrate nuances through its detailed strokes.


Often said-“The eyes indicates the antiquity of the soul”, JOBA too believes in the same. JOBA stands strong on fluidity and perception. Everything and everybody in life is driven by a different angle of point of view. It is never right or wrong but different!! In this piece JOBA speaks about the parallel existence of flow and vision. There will always be an entangled space of life presented for living but the only key to smile through the clutter is continuous flow and an individual point of view. Hence in the artwork the eyes define the strong yet defined point of view and the fish swims as easy as the term flow.





Lord Shiva is known for many things. His matted hair, snake around His neck, His trident, three eyes and the destruction the third eye causes when the Lord is angry. Another spectacular attribute of Lord Shiva is His blue throat. Ever wondered why is Shiva depicted as having blue throat? It is because Lord Shiva consumed a deadly poison for the benefit of all living beings. Just like the blue-throat of Shiva JOBA believes that we do not always need to suppress or react to the vices. We sometimes need to modify the negativities strewn around us and make them ineffective.






“I am a modern, independent woman of today” this in NO way means she is empowered. Embracing progression is a choice and not a compulsion. A woman irrespective of her social and financial status is a ball of varied thoughts waiting to be felt and celebrated by the hands of liberation. Just like the diverse roles a woman plays in her lifetime JOBA here too celebrates the diverse thoughts that constitute a woman’s beautiful mind all covered in her wild mane.




In the world, there are believers and nonbelievers – people who believe in God and people who disbelieve in God. All these people are on the same boat. All of them are going on arguing about something that they do not know. Anything, which is not in ones present level of experience cannot be understood. Hence the only option is that one has to believe or disbelieve. In the self-created culture, we understand that God is our making. We use him for human emancipation rather than seeing him as a supreme power that rules us. Every street has at least three temples. God is everywhere. People have one dozen gods in their houses but still there is fear in their hearts, does it really make any sense? At JOBA the effort is to feel the life that is beating inside the heart. Only that is living and is the nothing but GOD residing in the temple called body. JOBA believes that its not the various avatars that take you closer to the higher being but just oneness and acceptance of oneself.





Explaining or Defining Zen is like freezing it in time and space, thereby weakening its meaning. It is a practice that needs to be experienced, not a concept that one can intellectualize or understand with ones brain. Zen is a way of vigilance and self-discovery that is only lived. It is the experience of living from moment to moment, in the here and now. JOBA requests to live YOU and create your own Zen space.





Shiva, the lord of ultimate spirituality and satisfactions too was born out of a woman’s vagina. Just as Brahma advised to request goddess Parvathi to assume the form of Yoni to hold the Lingam we at JOBA also request everybody to respect a woman, as she is the ultimate CREATOR.




Just like the cerebrum, the thoughts living in it are also boundless. EXPLORATION is at its peak when it is set free and allowed to travel light alongside its most loyal friend PURPOSE. JOBA via this beauty celebrates the beam of travelling light and promotes the idea of breathing real even if caught up in too much noise.



One of the first methods of telling time was by the periodic emanations of the female cynocephalus, which the ancient Egyptian priests used for this purpose. Time is the menstruum in which all material forms arise, transform and finally dissolve. In Hinduism goddess Kali is primarily the goddess of stellar and lunar periods, hence the goddess of Time. Just like Kali every woman holds the power to create and dissolve so JOBA through this redness blush celebrated the POWER of a woman.


To buy Bipasha’s art you can write to her at Bipashasarangi@gmail.com

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3 thoughts on “Meet the Artist – Bipasha Sarangi

  1. oh, that’s is a lovely read. My sister’s friend and I’m glad to read about her brand JOBA. Very unconventional and earthy. I am a worshipper of Art. This is awe inspiring…..

  2. Totally loved reading about her amazing art…..So unique and refreshing….a must have in every home…The Zen Space, Eye-The Mirror and Wild Mane are my favourite…totally love it!

  3. Bipashas art is simply awesome , so intricate and so meaningful.love the way the images beautifully merge and blend together !!

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