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A very special post from Kashmir celebrating the eve of India’s 70th Independence Day .

I discovered Prateek Kuhad through Tanushree and its definitely  been a great find ! This is piano version of a song called flames . Tanushree says ” I’ve been playing this one on loop, besides the wonderful music and vocals, it resonates with what màay means to me and I hope you like the song ”


Meet Tanushree Kaul – Founder & Creative director at màay. màay means ‘love’ in Kashmiri language and that is what the brand stands for. Love for what is old and love for what is new.It aims to bring the beautiful age old traditional embroideries of Kashmir to a global platform into modern age. Tanushree says ” For me, màay is not just a fashion brand; it’s about giving a new lease of life to Kashmir, its handicrafts and its people. In an age where Kashmir is in news for violence and hatred, màay aspires to spread love and let Kashmir be known for its craft.”


जुनून सी भरी हवा,
गज़लों मे ज़िदंगी का तराना
माझियों के संग, मस्त मगन
कशमीर से कुछ एसा है याराना।

Baatein for  màay

“Hand embroideries and crafts from local artisans are a form of living art. Living arts are an essential part of the social fabric of our communities, just like planting seeds, reaping the fruits of our labours and preserving our food. A type of art which we can feel and tells a story of the makers and I believe in today’s world where everything is mass produced, these living arts are an expression of hope and love.



Kashmiri crafts is a metaphor for me, being a Kashmiri myself, an indirect way of going back to my roots and bringing the essence of my past to the present. I have always believed that the only way to global is by being local and that is where the journey of màay began.” – Tanushree



“We start by conceptualizing the collection in our Delhi Studio, which are based on the trends. Thereafter, the designing on silhouettes and embroideries begins. Each embroidery design is made into a 1:1 khakha in Delhi itself. After the designs have been finalized the fabric and embroidery designs are sent to our artisans in Kashmir and sampling of embroideries are done and once approved, the production cycle begin begins. Each piece is handcrafted by minimum of 2 artisans, depending upon the design. The whole process from conceptualization to finishing the collection takes roughly around 6 – 6.5 months.


My journey towards màay began when I wanted to become a fashion designer since the age when children didn’t even know what algebra was. I used to do fashion illustrations since 4th or 5th grade ,but it was only in 6th that a girl passing from my desk saw my work and said “you should become a fashion designer” and that was it…my dream had begun…my parents had different plan for me, I ended up being an architect instead ! Throughout the course the dream never died. As I see it architecture was preparing me for the life ahead and realized that both come under the same umbrella. As Coco Chanel said Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.”



So after graduating and 2 successful jobs later simultaneously working on my idea, I decided to take a leap of faith, trusting my skills joined management course from NIFT Delhi exactly a year ago and started working on màay.To sum up I’m a dreamer who never gave up on her dreams. From a passionate sketcher took the plunge and became a fashion entrepreneur.


Tanushree recommends :  Hand embroidered pherans, which is the local costume worn in Kashmir on cold days to keep you warm.Màay’s classic white ragline shirt, Aari work stoles, Hand embroidered (aari/tilla ) sarees and Hand painted Papier mache accessories as must have hand mades from Kashmir


màay  shares the love of 100% handcrafted Kashmiri embroideries and crafts with modern silhouettes, creating a balance between vintage and modern, something that can be worn on streets of Paris and Delhi alike.Each piece is unique and handcrafted laboriously by  their artisans in Kashmir.



“Right now we are working with one type of kashmiri craft that is Aari embroidery, So in the next collection, we will be reinventing another form of Kashmiri craft,super excited for that !Our plan for future is to become an all inclusive chic fashion and lifestyle brand including fashion (women, men’s & kidswear),accessories, interiors, home décor in its offering and GO GLO-CAL( global + local ) as I call it ! ”


màay is  something new which the people have not seen yet. People still have a perception that beautiful Kashmiri embroideries mean ethnic wear and màay wants to breakaway from that stereotype without losing the essence of this rich form of craft.



màay will soon be launching an online store And is currently taking orders and query through their instagram and facebook pages and the events they  attend.


Tanushree says ” Patience, Persistence and Perseverance are the three qualities absolutely essential to succeed and in order to have these 3P’s, immense amount of self belief is required.  My favorite quote is by Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba.com – “Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”

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