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#Makeinindia – Kapraha – Jaipur

Music like Anushree wanted it.

Anushree founder of kapraha finished her schooling from Mahrani Gayatri Devi School in Jaipur and straight off went to England to pursue her undergraduate degree in Marketing and Business Studies. Little did she know that destiny would bring her back to her routes and she would design some really beautiful Rajasthan inspired yet very contemporary garments.


She says it was always her dream to have her own label featuring local artisans and regional textiles. And her roots in Jaipur have provided a strong base to follow her dreams.

“After my studies, I returned to Jaipur and launched my clothing company Cinnamon Crest and started the organic label ‘Kapraha’.”



KAPRAHA is a  Persian/Urdu version of the word ‘Kapra’ which means ‘Fabric’. Rajasthan has a rich heritage of design and textiles and through my label , I aim to bring out these riches of my homeland, which have captured the worlds’ creative imagination since history.”

rajasthan roots


“With classics like Indigos and Mud Block prints, along with many other organic textiles, I aim to create contemporary capsule collections for each new season. Kapraha embodies the spirit of the regional artisans producing organic fabrics hand-block printed fabrics in indigo and mud dyes. Minimalistic yet edgy. Simple yet quirky- all with our heritage intact, is what you will see at Kapraha India.”



” Ever since I have come across Indigos, I have been in love with them. My first collection under Kapraha have been in Indigos and Bagru Mud-Block prints. I am also very inspired by Bhuj-Ajrakhs and Kutch embroideries-you know what to look out for in the next collection.” Anushree

“She wasn’t meant for skylights,
But had a penchant for the stars.
She wasn’t a mystery to be solved,
But a story to be immersed in.
She wasn’t complicated as they might have thought,
But was so pure, transparent and pristine,
That many fell for her natural aura and got lost in her eyes.
They spoke about calming waterfalls and symphonies of the fireflies,
She was a wonderful wonder, you could swim in the blue skies in her eyes.”

Baatein for the Kapraha woman





Kapraha is all about mixing the old with the new.The brand represents the regional textiles in the most contemporary manner which can be worn by all age- groups.



“We believe in bringing to light the hidden works of the most talented unsung heroes of the villages around us.We don’t follow commercial fashion trends. We create our own rhythm of how the women wearing our garments may feel by focusing on the kinds of fabrics we use.We focus on adding value to our pieces which is the main forte of my work, through fusing of colours and adding adornments. ” Anushree



( Kapraha’s super comfy summer shirts )

summer shirts

( We love the Kaprah’s men collection too )

men“I take all my travels as inspiration. My travels across India and Europe have been inspiring.I am a travel buff and I always keep an eye open to all design elements around me. Not just in fashion but also in architecture and culture. I enjoy photography and when I come back home with all my captures, the colours and fuse of designs and patterns become a source of inspiration to my work.”

“I have successfully completed my biggest plan for 2016 which was to have my stand alone studio. I launched it in Jaipur on 17th july 2016 with an overwhelming response. The next plan is to go completely online with all our collections and make our selves available physically in many more cities in India and abroad.” Anushree we can’t wait to see your new upcoming festive collection.

( A sneak peek into their beautiful Mughal collection at the Kapraha store in Jaipur)



Its true what  Anushree beleives in  ‘Don’t compare your self to others, compare your self to what you were yesterday.’- Mr, Daisaku Ikeda.

To buy Kapraha see their website here ,  follow them on facebook here and Instagram here . To get your own custom clothes made visit their store in Jaipur at  : 6, Yamuna Path, Suraj Nagar West, Civil Lines, Jaipur-302006 or email at  info@kapraha.com

Kapraha also retails out of  Almari-Hyderbad and Moh Studio-Ahmedabad .


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