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Imagine walking into the Kalakaari Haath studio and listening to this . Sahiba says : Although we’re listening to a variety of music genres while working, this instrumental piece seems to summarize the feel of our style.

And then there is Hassan Fathy’s saying which further explains what the brand is all about  “build your architecture from what is beneath your feet” ​



Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by spaces says Sahiba Kalakari Haath’s founder  –  It is incredible how the same volume of space can be perceived differently by different people. Sahiba studied  architecture from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture for 5 years and worked  full time as an architect for around 2 years and it is then that she realised that the scale of design she enjoys  is much smaller and lies in the details.




“Design is so vast, that you cannot limit yourself to a specific field. As architects, we are trained to design every single aspect of every space, which is probably the reason I am currently taking on graphic and product design projects full time through my handle, KalakaariHaath. ”



Kalakaari Haath: the skilled hands, is an exploration of architecture, design and illustration.  The designs and creatives are inspired from traditional hand crafts of India among many other things.  Emphasis on use of the hand as a medium of expression is the underlying attribute that contributes character to Sahiba’s  work.


Must Haves  for a beautiful Kalakaari home


​Handcrafted Furniture: Oonjal (swing)



Handcrafted tables


Handcrafted Home Decor Products: Trays, Coasters Cushion covers​pic13


“Back in 2013, I did an intensive research study on traditional building crafts of India. Much like the traditional craftsmen, for us, using the hands to draw/make/ design is very crucial in the understanding of any process. we don’t realise how naturally we start paying attention to the details of things when we feel, make and draw with our hands.”


Study workshop_Ramgarh,Rajasthan_1

“Traditional methods of crafting and design expression ​influence almost all of our work, right from its conceptualization ​to execution. Every product/project is initially conceptualised and detailed by hand. The hand as a medium of making and crafting is vital in every stage of our creative process.”


उंगलियो में उलझे धागे
कठपुतलियों को बांघे
नृत्य से बरखा बरसा दें
धूप में राहत दिला दें
भूके को खिला दें
रूठे को हसा दें
यह चमत्कार नहीं कोई जादूगर का
यह तो कलाकारी है हाथों की

Baatein for Kalakaari Hath

​Well, the big plan is to function as a full time design studio contributing in various design fields. Kalakaari Haath was conceptualised and will always be centered around preserving traditional building crafts of India. While we already work with a set of traditional craftsmen, the ultimate goal is to adopt a family of artisans to help them sustain their crafts by making them more relevant in a context of today.


(Our favorite bespoke wedding invites)BespokeWeddingInvites

pic10​Kalakaari Haath has been a memorable journey ever since its conception. There has been tremendous help and support from my parents, colleagues, followers and other loved ones. Sometime last year, while travelling to Japan, my college guide, someone whose work and guidance has truly inspired and helped me understand my style of design practice wrote me a mail congratulating me for the work I was doing with Kalakaari Haath.

wallarttextures of leh

Sahiba , we love your creativity and how all your products truly standout . Looking forward to see Kalakaari Haath  c delighting  our eyes and our hearts !

See KalakaariHaath’s website here . Follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here



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