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We don’t come across handcrafted men’s apparel brands so often.  Specially the small niche designers who are talented , contemporary yet very very Indian. But when we come across them we make sure they are featured here :)
First the music Eachaneri requested .
Rakshit says “It was not a deliberate effort to start the brand. It happened unconsciously, as I wanted to have my own wardrobe of block printed shirts. There are not many people in and around Delhi who design using block prints, so I started making shirts for myself. Some of my friends really liked it and suggested me that this stuff could really sell ! So that made me interested in this business model and  posted a small collection on Facebook and Instagram.   A handcrafted Men’s clothing line  was born”
pic20-MalliMoggu unbloomed chameli flower
“Eachaneri – the name is of Telugu origin. It is a village in the Chittoor dist. (Andhra Pradesh). It is my Grandma’s (nani) home. A place which is serene, with tranquil surrounded by Mango Groves and Coconut trees. I have spent all my summer holidays during my schooling here and was always content when I returned back. It shows you a true way of living in terms of food, shelter and clothing…its the beauty of rural India where people choose to wear comfort clothing. So I always wanted to keep this name !
Rakshit was  born in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh & brought up in Delhi (that too old Delhi). So it was quite an experience living in a modern civilization with a touch of old era brains. He graduated in textile design from NIFT, Hyd (05-09). After completing his graduation, he worked with few textile design firms between 2009-14 and always had an inclination towards crafts and the artistry prevailing in rural India. “Their cultural work fascinated me though it was very hard to find original artists with traditional talent. It greatly encouraged me to find them and work with them. I believe that working with them can help bring more focus and limelight to their work. I find this is a way to have a broader but deeper look into our cultural heritage. All this was revolving around my head all the while i was working for various entities. “
It was the pink city of India, Jaipur where it all started. Learning, experimenting and working with the artisans in-and-around the city gave me a different perspective towards the craft sector. After leaving Jaipur and a break for 7 to 8 months, The label Eachaneri started in Mid 2015. 
Whatever  success I have  got till now is because of being true to my self , true to my work and true to my artisans, vendors, customers and most important to all my employees . I started Eachaneri not for monetary gains but for the passion of crafts and making clothes for myself and others :) There still lot a lot more to achieve 


“Eachaneri wants to  spread the love for Art & Craft through their unique and exquisite designs using handmade materials. Eachaneri defines love for Clothing, Nature & Craft with a touch of comfort, simplicity & uniqueness. It interprets old aesthetics using local material and skills, taking inspiration from rural India and what surrounds us. Eachaneri loves indulging work with creative designs in collaboration with Artist, Artisans and Handcrafted Indian textiles. We have a platform that collaborates with different cultures and their various crafts while working with their masters.   Eachaneri does not support any materials or process which is not natural and not good for our Environment . Be Real be Pure !!! ”  Says Rakshit

“Rajat Ale is  hand-block printing master, teacher ,and a very good friend. He is the one who inspired and supported me & the one with whom I started my design journey with and i still work with him. I have  some very  memorable moments with him.  :)   

We need to spread the word for our craft and culture that all the People who are working towards and behind us in the rural n urban areas. These are the people who give all their very best to make and create such beautiful products for the People of India & the world. So every one should appreciate the effort n the craftsmanship goes behind making a single product. “
Eachaneri started with a range of Block printed cotton shirts. These designs show the beauty of motifs/blocks used in a manner to break the monotony of regular block print designs and in future they want to keep this irregular prints  which makes them unique. Re-using old and existing geometrical blocks and making new prints. “Also we are very particular about old school tailoring & finishing processes. These hand crafted artistry adds to the level of luxury we strive to achieve. Each garment is crafted from exclusive natural and eco-friendly fabric including Cotton, linens, Khadi, fine cambric (mulmul) and silk.” Rakshit
( some of their Unisex styles)





Eachaneri is also planning a new product line in menswear clothing & accessories  E.g Bottoms, Jackets,Tie, Handkerchiefs / Leather accessories & bags, shoes etc.  They are currently working with few artists on Hand-block printing (Jaipur &Delhi) , Kalamkari art (Srikalhasti) & Ajrak Printing (Kutch) all in natural dyes.


( Women look as dapper in Eachaneri shirts )

Rakshit recommends the following must haves for all Indian men :White or Blue shirt, Lose kurta,Blazer & Linen Pants,leather Belt,leather shoes,leather bag and a good watch
pic21 - In the blue spreading the love


Eachaneri is available at : Paper Boat Collective – HNo. 248, Bella Vista,Chogm Road, Sangolda Bardez,Goa.

They retail online through Jaypore and StoreUntold . Follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here

Email them at  Eachaneridesigns@gmail.com  . All the products they  make are on order basis. So you are free to choose any size such as Small, Medium, Large, X-large +on according to your body size. We do every kind of self customization in size, color and fit. They ship in India and abroad


Just like the block prints on my shirt ,

My life won’t be whole

For what is whole , never seems to attempt further

and what is assumed whole is never it .

You see triangles are my favorite shape,

For they edge on different dimensions .

Like my mind – conquering different fields of history

And bringing them back to life .

Like my shirt ,

I am all that has left it’s ink on me .

A puzzle , which keeps itself from being solved.

Baatein for Eachaneri

 Happy Monday everyone :)


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