#Makeinindia – Charu Desi Delhi and a Giveaway !!!!

Medha has come a long way from being a young  designer asked to teach the young, entrepreneurial women of Nari to starting Charu Desi based in Delhi . “Charu” in Hindi means beautiful and Desi signifies the Indian touch.


“Our brand stands for urban yet ethnic, bold and edgy. Constantly experimenting with color, texture, our collections are dedicated to the “Order In Chaos“ of things be it people, communities, practices, language, food or architecture.
Living in a country like India we are surrounded by chaos, color, charming architecture and it is this that motivates me, as my work reflects the beauty of the things that we take for granted” – Medha

turqoise storypic4

The idea behind creating Charu Desi was to provide people with affordable luxury accessories. Uniquely and brilliantly designed scarves, pocket squares and travel accessories that are excellent and accessible. Medha says that the things that she notices and experiences in her surroundings inspires each collection. The designs are usually an amalgamation of that chaos. Each design is well thought out and artistically planned, to depict the nature of each collection.


Medha  is a textile design graduate from Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, with a flair for printmaking and dye’s. Her interest in printmaking grew when she interned as a print fellow at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia.

pic1firestorn story travel accessories

She believes in telling stories through the prints of the things she observe around her, cultural and historical, be it food, people, architecture, language or practices.” Living in a country like India we are surrounded by Chaos, but it’s not often that people realize that there is perfect order in that chaos, which usually becomes my lens with which I design my prints.” Says Medha

Everyday India inspires Charu Desi’s vibrant collections

olive inspiration4

magenta story inspiration2emerald story inspiration

As Baatein so beautifully pens down the design philosophy @ Charu Desi

A white canvas lay in front of me
and it just felt so empty
I splashed an emerald green and added a yellow beam
I dipped into liquid sunlight and painted a starry silver
Suddenly colours were dancing and mingling with each other
The barren white had sprouted a vivid array of flowers
and suddenly I realised how wonderful it is to have colours
 pocket squares


Future plans for Charu Desi include expansion in terms of product range.  They will be exploring all aspects of accessories  involving textiles slowly and gradually with each collection.

emerald story

Medha says one of her favorite quote is : “Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. –M.C. Escher “

Here is wishing Charu Desi all the good luck to achieve the impossible. We love your portrayal of colors of India and hope your products continue to celebrate the India , its colors and its chaos  in your future collections.

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Charu Desi and Peacocks in the Rain are giving away one beautiful silk scarf from their latest Olive Story collection inspired by the mystical and magical greens of India. See the beautiful scarf below.


Here is how you can participate in the giveaway :

  1. Follow Peacocks in the Rain Facebook page here and Instagram page here
  2. Follow Charu Desi Facebook Page here and Instagram page here
  3. Comment below on how you would style this graph.
  4. Those of you who tag a friend to participate in this giveaway on Facebook and Instagram double their chance to win.
  5. Winners will be chosen through lucky draw
  6. Giveaway is open to our readers all across Globe.

Please note that to be eligible to win you MUST fulfill the first three conditions on top.

Giveaway is open until August 30th and Winner will be announced in first week of September.



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8 thoughts on “#Makeinindia – Charu Desi Delhi and a Giveaway !!!!

  1. Wow beautiful products from this brand; love the patterns and colours and how uniquely they come together to create one of a kind fabric creations.
    That’s definitely a must have scarf – so vibrant and stylish and totally beautiful.
    I’d style it with a saree and a kalamkari cape and finish it off with this gorgeous piece as an infinity scarf – just perfect for the lovely Irish weather.
    All the best Charu Desi and thanks Ila for introducing this lovely brand to us.

  2. I would style it over black trousers and plain white T shirt with my olive or blue cardigan. My tan shoes from charlesandkeith and MK leather handbag in tan.

  3. Followed both on facebook (Ann HBez) and instagram(@sustyln).

    I would style it with a beige top, pair of jeans and scarf styled as a sailor knot around the neck or looped into the jeans as a belt.

  4. I love scarves. Not only do they add a sense of added style to what i am wearing, it’s an inexpensive way to make sure my outfit is never boring.
    Well, i would team this bful silk scarf with a black pair of leggings and a black t-shirt look , looping it around my neck in phantom to look incredibly chic. The black base would be enough to divert attention to this magical yet mystical scarf with a bold print in an attention grabbing color.

  5. I talk to my clothes (i confess) and i can bank upon a trendy, stylish scarf any day to compliment my outfit. A nice scarf, wrapped around my neck or just bag (at times) will scream fashion and my sense of styling and i can’t express my love for such a beautiful and feminine accessory :)
    I would wear it with white crisp shirt and black trousers – styled in a bful knot …all set for my office meeting , would be able to ruffle many hearts for sure 😉

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