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Colours of joy is the first collection by Studio Kaeth, for its online decor store under the brand name “Kaeth”. The collection promises products to bring some Colour and Joy in peoples everyday lives during this the festive season.
All the products aim to bring out the festive spirit and serve as great gifting options, but the string lights are a must. They have a variety of classy & luxury string lights which make for a perfect decor and gifting option. The handmade colorful Pom pom lights are quirky & elegant and come with an exclusive packaging.
Besides these we have fun DIY block printing kits for all those who enjoy paint, patterns & making something of their own”
Studio Kaeth was founded by Shubhi Kansal an industrial designer and Khyati Seth a spatial designer who both specialize in Retail & Exhibition Design, from MITID Pune.
“We share our passion for design and have a similar approach to design process with varied ideas and hence decided to get together and created Studio Kaeth.” tells the duo.
Rainbow- VIBGYOR color pallet handmade pom poms attached on string lights by hands & packaged in jars.
The girls knew each other since college, where Shubhi was perusing her masters in design and Khyati was perusing her graduation in design. As they belonged to the same department and shared the same studio space they often got together to discuss their  projects & assignments, which developed into friendship as well as a great source of advice seekers.
Metal cover lights- The gold & silver jali & pattern cut out lights
Studio Kaeth is an effort to take this level of comfort with each other further & make something more tangible out of this bond. “About  the name, its a derivative of our last names, Kansal & Seth, since we wanted to keep our maiden names.”
Marshmallow- Pastel colour pallet handmade pom poms attached on string lights by hand & packaged in jars.


Their  collection and products are  specially handmade, designed, hand picked and curated by their  team of designers and vendors. And promise to be unique and exclusive.”
Studio Kaeth also offers design based services for Spatial Design and Graphics Design. They will soon be venturing into personalized decor products and customized design services & their  online store and first collection launch is just a baby step towards a lot bigger plans!
We both very strongly believe in “Follow your heart”

One of our fond and memorable memories in the start up journey has been  when vendors tell us: “madam aapki aawaz bahut achchi hai….” & keep looking for opportunities to talk to you hahahaha.


” This is just the beginning of the Kaeth journey, and we would like for you all to join us and be a part of our creative process as customers, followers, friends, advisers or even as a critic. ” 
Peacocks in the Rain wishes them a wonderful creative journey in years to come.
You can buy Studio Kaeth’s festive collection on  kraftly in India and on etsy for international customers. You can also connect directly with them on Facebook here and Instagram here.
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