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A Kantha crash course and giveaway from Paulami

Here is a short intro by Paulami on Kantha followed by her beautiful Giveaway neckpiece .
The craft of Kantha stitch belongs to Bangladesh and few parts of West Bengal. To put it simply its just like a running stitch.
However it originated as a form of necessity amongst the rural women of Bengal  who would pile up  their used mulmul and cotton saris together with such stitches to make new items of utility. Even the threads used for the stitching were drawn out of the old sari borders.
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That is also the reason even today such comforters which are used for babies are commonly are known as Kantha. Even today there are people who prefer these for their new born babies as the worn out fabric is soft and gentle for the babies skin.
The ladies who practiced this craft got creatively influenced by their surroundings and interpreted the motifs of flowers, leaves, nature, cattles etc  to their designs.
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There were references of great piece of artwork in Kantha which was done almost like a diary entry of a newly married woman when she moved away from her home.
Hence, the art form apart from being decorative had also provided historical data for studying such cultures.
Today Kantha has moved on with many new directions and its no more used only on old sarees.  Now, Kantha embroidery is preferably done on pure silk because the fabric is fine enough for the thread to maneuver easily to make intricate patterns.
The craft has been noticed, interpreted in many ways by various artists and designers and  has also played victim to cheaper, faster alternatives in an attempt to sustain at the grass root level.
Even today, the best and the most intricate kantha happen in the land of Tagore, “Shantiniketan” away from the cities where women hum tunes and make these magnificent pieces unrushed.
And now what you have been eagerly waiting for.
About the Neckpiece :
Its handmade made out of katrans.
There are no metal parts.
The length adjustable part is also made out of fabric such that you could hang it long and short.
Here is what you need to do to participate in the giveaway :
1. Write in the comments below on how you would style this neck piece
2. Also mention in this comment what would you name this neck piece
3. Like Peacocks in the rain Facebook page here and Paulami’s Facebook age here . To gain an extra edge tag ‘Peacocks in the rain’ and ‘Paulami ‘ on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.
4. Giveaway closes on January 29th and open to resident in India only.
To buy Paulami’s latest collection visit her at The Nature Bazaar . Details of Nature Bazaar dates an venue are given below. Also check our post on Paulami’s products here
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2 thoughts on “A Kantha crash course and giveaway from Paulami

  1. 1.I would style the necklace by wearing it with light colored kurtis/tops and match it with similar colored bangles/kada.
    2.I would name it ”The Earthly plane knot necklace”.
    3.FB: Kavya Seetala

  2. Great work, and reminds me of environment, rainbow, colours, life, fruits, vegetables, butterflies. My reply is as under:
    1. I would love to wear it with a plain kurti/shirt with an ethnic lehenga/skirt.
    2. Love to name it as Eco friendly, vibrant, rainbow collection: Black strawberry leaf
    Thank you.

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