Ok first thing first we are not technically a fashion blog , the heart of this blog and yours truly lies in discovering and sharing an Indian design, handicraft and art inspiration . That could be in the form of textiles, home deco and well even clothes !!! And when we discovered what my sister wore there was no way we could not have ( could not ) have shared them with our readers.

Here is the second thing . I was also kind of  tired of all the typical fashion blogs , they talk about the Zaras and the forever 21s and did someone say H&M also just launched in India . With all due respect I can’t imagine myself in those clothes for long in Indian heat specially when they seem to be making most of them in polyster these days .

And here is the third thing . After you have heard the sisters in our conversation below please please please buy yourself a lovely block print kurti , or a Banarasi Sari , or a Kashmiri Stole anything which an artisan made with his hands with a lot of affection and hardwork  because Durga Puja is around the corner , Diwali is not that far away and my favorite month and season October/Autumn is here . Give that Zara/Promod store a skip just this one  time please and we promise you won’t regret it !! :)


PITR : What my sister wore. Hmmm that totally makes perfect sense we all look up to our elder sisters/ mothers for style tips, stealing clothes, shoes, jewelry everything. So tell us more about your sister. I mean I am a little confused is it just a name or do you have an elder sister who really inspires your fashion sense?

WMSW : So we are two sisters based in Bombay! The younger one is me, Suvarna who takes care of blogging and my elder sister, Ankita, she is the life to this entire idea who takes care of the styling part! My role in this blog is just to give words and speak up for the ethnic fashion that has been around the corner for so long but very little has been explored and experimented with! But it is my elder sister who takes all the efforts from getting in touch with her favorite designer labels and styling their clothes in her “desi” way.  Ankita is that one person who is bound to catch your attention amongst a crowd of 100 just because of her confidence to be herself in those all those ethnic dresses and most importantly has the sweetest smile and attitude with whoever she meets! Its these little things about her simple life that has totally inspired me to look up to her and start this blog dedicated to her sense of fashion!


PITR :What made you start this blog? When did you start it?

WMSW : We started around 3-4 months back when I was back at home for a summer vacation. One fine day when we were discussing about online sites, blogs or accounts dedicated to ethnic styling, we came across very few! And that’s when an idea struck me that why not take Ankita’s sense of fashion into the picture. We also decided that this blog would have the essence of daily fashionable avatar because that’s here the fun part is rather than occasional dressing! Since that day whenever I am back at home, we dig in to her wardrobe and find out something “hatke” to put up on the blog.

The concept is something new among all the other fashion oriented blogs. So that’s the fun part as we get to break the cluttered themes with my sister’s fresh outlook towards everyday dressing.

PITR : What are your most and least favorite parts about blogging?

WMSW :  Most favorite – To plan the whole shoot with her and to accompany her for one! That’s the way I get my treat post shoot! 😛 😀 Oh and to come home and take my own sweet time to write about it.

Least favourite – With an MBA degree to complete, blogging is a tough task! I hate it when I am not able to be there for all the fun part like photoshoots and pre and post shoot work! Another least favourite part is to choose an assignment as the priority over blogging!

PITR : Where did you see this blog one year down the line?

WMSW : One year down the line, I want this blog to be a well-established name in the blogging world of fashion in India.

PITR : Some of your pictures have beautiful backgrounds. Where do you shoot them?

WMSW :We shoot them at various locations which are accessible in and around Mumbai! For a change, I get Ankita on my campus in Pune to shoot but mostly it’s across the colourful or rustic places in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai.



The next set of questions, I leave up to Ankita! I am no match to what she would have to say for these questions.

PITR : Apart from Fabindia what are your other favourite stores you pick up Kurtas/clothes from?

WMSW : Oh there are a few other places I love to explore too! Anokhee and Mother Earth are similar outlets with some amazing ethnic collection where designs travel from Jaipur etc.
Exhibitions are my super favourite places as you get to see a plethora of designs and patterns that are new in the fashion industry. It was Times Exhibition in Mumbai where I have constantly found some beautiful and unique pieces of ethnic fashion like the Ikkat Capes, raw silk sarees and the silver jewellery at a very reasonable price. Also, the local exhibitions always help me to keep my wardrobe interesting! And for budget shopping, Colaba Causeway has been my savour!


PITR : Tell us your 3 favourite Indian must haves in the wardrobe or maybe 5?

WMSW : 3 Indian Must haves –

  1. Plain Kurtas – esp. Silks and earthy colored ones
  2. Chikankari
  3. Patiyala Salwars

PITR : Fall/autumn style recommendation from the Desi chick?

WMSW : Fall/ autumn is all about a splash of colours and layering. Capes are my personal favourite. Also, the cold places are always a good reason to sport ethnic quilt jackets and koti.

dsc_0030 (Ikkat cape from Ardra)

PITR : Your favourite textile techniques and fabrics? – block printing, Kalamkari, Chanderi, Banarasi .

WMSW : Favourite textile technique has to chikankari. Be it dupatta or a salwar, the intricate work always tempts me towards this material. The other one is the elegant pattern – kalamkari which is sure to add some grace to my occasions.

dsc_0594 (1)

( Chikan kurta stitched from a local boutique/exhibition)


( Kalamkari Kurtas are from Fab India )

PITR :Your favourite 3 pieces of silver jewellery?

WMSW :Jhumkis, Neckpiece,Silver Rings


( The adorable neckpiece above is from Junk)

Here is the link to the blog  and don’t forget to like their facebook page here .  Here’s to the desi chick !

image credits : what my sister wore

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