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Love the World Today

First the music . 
Dipti and Dipna chose this song.  It’s a children’s song by an artist named Raffi. ” He is fantastic and I really wish I get to see him perform once along with my niece and nephew who are growing up listening to his music. The song  goes very well with the brand ethos too. For we are all about loving the world we live in and choosing to nurture it, starting today.” says Dipna
Love the World Today is co-founded by Dipti and Dipna. Dipti has a background in Market Research and still works as a consultant with the Nielson company on a part time basis. Dipna is  a dance artiste and educator and still pursues teaching and performing alongside running LTWT. 
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Dipti always wanted to start something on her own while Dipna found her joy in creating, irrespective of the medium, be it lesson plans or clothes. But what was essential for both of them was to do something that has purpose. Which is where their interests met. ” With a then 3 year old in the house, we always felt the need for clothes that looked good but were also comfortable at the same time and to top it all made from child friendly fabrics. We also started with a simple question of where does all the trash go and stumbling upon fashion industry’s little secrets in our research. And that made us back track and think about what goes into creating something? Can we ever stop consuming? What is the meaning of sustainability? Are we doing enough to make this world better? And that is when we realized something needs to change. And that is how our journey with Love the World Today started.

We decided to make clothes that treat the environment, the people involved and the processes with love, care and fairness.”



We asked Dipna about how the duo perceives their brand . Here is what she had to say ” I think we are a brand that focuses on design without compromising on purpose, sustainability and ethics – be it environment related, sourcing related, in the way we work with our job workers, the way we package our goods or the way we treat our waste.  It’s easy to find organic cotton rompers, t-shirts etc for children. But it’s really hard to find great design options by a homegrown label that focuses on using eco-friendly textiles and encourages artisanal make textiles for children in the age bracket of 1-7 years. There are quite a few homegrown children’s clothing labels now. But when we started out in 2015, I think it would be safe to say that we were one of the first to launch a sustainable and ethical children’s clothing brand made 100% in India. “


“Our clothes are inspired by who Dipti and me are as people and who we are is greatly influenced by our childhood. A little bit of imagination, a lot of comfort, a lot of love, simplicity, hassle free, statement making designs and reusable designs is what we focus on at LTWT while designing.We want to create LTWT into a brand that stands for everything children and a voice that speaks about WHY we need to consume mindfully.”
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“A lot of times our creative process is defined by the resources we have at hand. Because when you’re a start up and your purpose is to create a sustainable brand, a lot of times you’ve got to start backwards. So we sometimes have to see what are our options within a certain boundary of time that weavers take, dyeing methods, eco friendly quotient, etc. For example, we only use coconut shell or shell buttons on our garments. So we actually don’t have options besides these two for buttons in our designing process. That pushes us to think creatively and so most garments in our next collection are buttonless. We’ve only used fabric and tie up options for most garments. And that also increases the life of the garment since kids outgrow them fast and now the garments are adjustable to some degree.”

 Here are the top five must haves from the label :
1. LTWT’s  latest edition – dohar blankets. They are made out of the softest organic cotton and are super airy and breathable for tropical climate like ours.They get softer with every wash and iron. They come in a reversible, minimal design keeping with the brand aesthetics.
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2. In case you have a new born or are looking for gifts for new born – LTWT’s organic cotton jhablas and organic cotton swaddles are the go to picks. These are ridiculously soft and low maintenance and really perfect for a new born’s skin plus kind to the environment at the same time. If you’re looking at gifting options for new borns, the organic cotton jhabla and swaddle can be clubbed with the organic cotton dohar. 
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3. A matching mommy and baby piece from the ‘The Winter Sun’ or/and ‘Dear Japan’ collection – They have matching stuff for moms, children and siblings in yummy textiles – organic cottons, handwoven textiles.
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4. Night suit – Good old kurta pyjama aptly titled ‘I want to be like grandpa’ from the ‘Bedtime Stories’ collection. These are unisex and made from organic cotton and are herbal dyed. The kurta and pyjamas come with pockets for children to hide their little treasures in. If you love old school and grew up seeing your dad in kurta pyjamas and classic angrakha kurtas, then these are for you! Besides the simple aesthetic appeal, we love the fact that the brand is   actually able to tie together sustainable, eco friendly clothes our childhood nostalgia and comfort oriented design together.
5. Something from their upcoming collection. It’s a collection that focuses on handwoven textiles from across the country. They ahev got weaves from Gujarat, Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh. And they are  actually moving away from our subtle color palettes to incorporate more earthy colors. The collection should be out by end September. We are very kicked about this one! Follow PITR on Instagram for the pictures from this collection!!
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“Our design inspiration is everywhere. In the way people make furniture or treat textiles or create products or create a piece of theatre or compose a picture. We are not about trends but about simple classic easy silhouettes that can be reused in multiple ways. Our creations have a strong emotional connect with our stories and somewhere that connects with people too. “
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“Every tiny moment that makes us happy feels like a milestone. The number of times at pop-ups, young women will pause and say to us ‘you make us want to have babies!’. We even have older women pause and say ‘wish you guys were around when my children were little’. I think one of the most precious things for us is when people choose our clothes for their children’s birthdays or for special occasions like wedding celebrations. It’s a notion that cotton does not equal party wear. But the number of people that are picking organic cotton outfits or outfits made from handwoven textiles for those special days gives us so much hope. When we created our brand story cards we always imagined that people might use them as little postcards or something they can pin up in their room. Recently someone on receiving our garment wrote to us saying that their house was a puddle of lovey mush thanks to our package and the grandmother chose to keep our brand story card because she found it so well thought out and full of love. I think these are the days we work for. ” Sign of Dipna and Dipti with a big smile.
matching clothes for siblings
You can buy LTWT on their website here. Follow them on Instagram here and Facebook here . Our Favorite Dear Japan collection is currently on sale.
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