Desi chick avatars

To my dearest Peeps ,

Its Friday evening , are you heading out to a party with friends, making special dinner plans , going for a movie , ordering food home , doing some online shopping … but before that watch the video that follows :)

If you are admire  our “Walk into my wardrobe ” section – trust me you will love this super cute video. The costume , the jewelery, the model , her  countless expressions are so Indian , so unique and take my heart away.

” Sometimes when you are surrounded by diversity and beauty you get immune towards it .”

But at Peacocks in the Rain we are never going to let that happen !

If you want to be featured in our “Walk into my wardrobe” feature drop me a mail at editors@peacocksintherain.com

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Till then enjoy this video !


Featured Image : a painting by ilayaraja

Video by :  Jayeta Rohilla and Chetana Kotak

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