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Silver Centrre is a Traditional and Contemporary Jewelry Design House with, in house state of the art manufacturing facility established by Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra in 1897, popularly known as The Silver King of India. So powerful and influential a man, that he become the very person to be controlling the prices of silver in the Indian market. All of North East Indian belt’s silver was purchased by him during 1928-1934, a period of the 2nd World War, which made him the one and only man with the largest shareholding of silver in the country. It was he who brought the family into the silver business.

His vision guided his son Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra to come up with his flagship store in Silver Jewelry and Artifacts in the year of 1961.It was him who turned the whole face of Silver Centrre and created it into a multinational brand and a globally renowned – respected and coveted brand for Jewellery. He created a huge collection of Silver Jewelry by travelling and meeting artisans and craftsmen from the jewelry making regions of Rajasthan, which till date makes up for the larger section of our Vintage Jewelry collection.

Sangeeta Boochra

On her personal journey and entrepreneurship

PITR : What did you want to do when you were a child ?

Sangeeta : I was born in the heart of Rajasthan in a city called Sujangarh.. But soon my family moved to Guwahati, Assam and that is where I received my education.

My family is a business class family ( Into Petro Chemicals ) and my father a rather influential figure in Guwahati , Assam and this gave me access and means to the luxury of travel and experience from a very young age.

As a child I was more inclined towards garment and apparel designing , I did by B.A economic honours from guwahati and then went to a design school after being married into a jeweller family in Boochra’s ( again a influential family since 1897 ) then on the persuance from my Father In Law Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra I directed my design skills to jewelry designing.

I always wanted to be a clothing designer , till date deep inside my heart I want to design clothes , but circumstances made me do jewellery , I do not complain about it , i am very happy with jewellery designing – as my family is happy and people appreciate my work.


PITR : What was the best piece of advice you were given when you were starting out ?

Sangeeta : My Family has played a key role in my life as my life revolves completely around them. But I would most definitely like to credit my Father in law Shri Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra for everything that I am today. Had he not encouraged me go to ahead and pursue my love for design and combine it with the family business of jewelry I wouldn’t be where I am today.

At the time when I got married and came into the family there weren’t many women still being encouraged to go head to head with the males in the family but he was unlike any other father in law he did everything possible to get me where I am today. From providing every bit of support encouragement and his own experience of jewellery to all the love and affection one needs to pursue their dreams. What I am today is all because of him , words will fall short if I have to explain that how his guidance and support have helped me. It all started in the year 1994 when i once visited our office and i designed something with beautiful emeralds and rubies. The next day a client came and he saw that design and ordered a big quantity for the pc i had designed. This is how it all started and i joined Silver Centrre as creative director.


PITR : Name a fear or professional challenge that keeps you up at night

Sangeeta : Earlier production hassels – as most of our jewellery is handcrafted and in those days – kaarigars didnt use to come and work in our factory , they rather wanted to work as a freelancers – so to get the work done from them on time and with accuracy was a task – so the biggest challenge was to get them work done on time , with proper finishing and fullfilling the order , also when i had sketched a design to make – then the accuracy didnt come when it was made – the perfection didnt come – so we fall we rise , we fall again and we rise , so to find perfection and accuracy in designs and finishing was a major challenge.

PITR : Name the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running business.

Sangeeta : Be true , be amazing paymasters to your employees and artisans , pay on time , your accounts ( hisaab ) should not even have a Rs 2 difference. If you have all these things sorted , then you are good to do business on a long run.



PITR : In moments of self-doubt or adversity , how do you build yourself back up ?

Sangeeta : I always had my Father In law who used to help me and guide me in times of self doubt and adversity , what i am today is all because of him , he used to say ” Don’t worry do it , mein hu na “. I miss him a lot and things have changed for me since the time he expired.

PITR : What is you personal or professional motto ?

Personal – to keep my family happy

Professional – to keep my employees and artisans happy , to create a brand which is luxury yet affordable to all and to bring the indian jewellery on the world map.

About Silver Centrre and Sangeeta Boochra Jewellery label


PITR :  What is the USP behind the brand ?

Sangeeta : Fresh and new designs – Everyday we are making 15 new designs and if we talk about collection then every 10 days there is a new collection being launched.

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PITR : Your press release states that you joined your father-in-law’s business Silver Centre in 1994. Were you engaged in designing from then on? Or did you just start designing in the recent years and developed your signature collections for Silver Centre.

I came into the field in 1994 , being married to a jeweler I was always surrounded by beautiful gemstones and jewellery. This ignited a spark in me and I started to design something using those stones. My aim was never to work under a designer as I was already a part of a very influential Business Family , my move was more towards from being an entrepreneur towards an artist or a designer. Recently we have come up with a label Sangeeta Boochra , selling exclusive and statement pieces , gold and diamond jewellery.


PITR : What’s the philosophy of your brand?

Sangeeta : Code of Trust – Selling genuine jewellery with purity. No child labour. Enviornment friendly equipments and procedures. Value for money. Authenticity. Buy Back Gurantee

PITR : Tell us in detail about your collections – and what kind of inspiration leads you to develop them?

The brand brings to you a range in purest of silver , gold. It has collections in vintage, tribal, gold plated, stone studded, south temple jewelry, contemporary to modern to new age minimalism. Designs that have originated by being inspired by travels to the interiors of the remotest of regions of Rajasthan, to the state of Gujarat or the Boda Tribe and green pastures of the South. We bring to you all of India, in shiny ornamented form. Going by the current trends we have also been continuously designing our range of modern and contemporary designer jewelry.

I am continuously travelling to various parts of India to get inspired by its rich traditions and culture. Rajasthan in particular as a place is what inspires me most, for its diversity in art forms, its craft and rich heritage. The various forts and palaces with is beautiful architecture, design, sculptures and carvings are extremely inspirational. Very often one would find me packing my bags and travelling to places down South for its beautiful landscapes and absolute change of architecture as when compared to the North. Tribal art and jewelry work as my weakness, they work like magnetic forces for me, for their rawness and authenticity really appeal to me. Thus, various tribes like Abros & Bodos tribe of Assam; Bhils of Gujarat and Rajasthan; Bhutias from Sikkim, Gaddis of Himachal Pradesh are highly fascinating and inspirational.



PITR : What are the gemstones you use in the collections? Tell us more about how popular is silver jewellery among women today?

Sangeeta : We use only genuine gemstones in our factory and we sell only genuine gemstones jewellery or pure precious metal jewellery. Stones such as : Emeralds , Rubies , Sapphire, Turquoise , Green and Red Onyx , Lapis , Amethyst , Citrine , Tourmaline , Aquamarine etc.

Silver jewellery is very popular with today’s women as they want to wear different jewellery on different occasions , with silver having an advantage of being cheaper when compared to gold so it becomes very easy for a women to buy various designs in silver yet have the feel of real jewellery as Silver is considered as precious metal. And as we are making gold plated silver jewellery so lot of our clients wear it for various occasions like weddings , sangeet or festivals.

PITR : What are the motifs that are popular? And which type of silver jewellery is preferred –do you sell more rings and earrings or do statement neckpieces also sell well.

Sangeeta : All kind of motifs sell well until and unless it is designed in a right way and gives value to the customer. All types of jewellery is preferred these days : from rings to naths to balis to jhumkas to neckpcs. There are clients for all types of work and jewellery. The motto is value for money and genuine pieces with full purity .


PITR : What is the profile of your client? Is she young or even middle aged women prefer silver?

Sangeeta : Our client list includes Bollywood Celebrities , Industrialists , Royal Families of India etc. We cater to all segments Young , Middle aged and Even older.

As we design something for every age group. These days we have seen a trend that every age women loves wearing silver.

PITR : Tell us in detail about the current trends in silver jewellery? And how much are people prepared to pay for it? Do you also use gold?

Sangeeta : When a product is launched it creates a space and mark if it is different from other and gives value along with the exclusivity of designs. At the moment i feel silver jewellery is well accepted by people everywhere as it is not that expensive plus it is a precious metal which can be bought as an investment also. Current trends include : Big Baalis , Jhumkas , Long Necklaces with colored gemstones and Jewellery studded with turquoise. People in tier 1 cities are prepared to pay for it but the trend seems to be picking up slowly in tier 2 cities also. Yes we use Gold and lot of our designs are in Gold.


Silver Centrre sells worldwide . Their clients are from : Dubai , Japan , Singapore , London , USA , Sri Lanka , Italy , Hong Kong , Bangkok , China , Switzerland , Germany , Spain etc.

You can buy Sangeet Boochra through their flagship stores . They are also available online here .

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