Ikat for those with a sweet tooth !

Kanishk  what a fun fun fun choice of music to be played with the post.  Wait let me get up – do twist , a twirl and some more twists ….
Phew – now I think I could indulge in some sweet treats – its that time of the year right ? ! Yes Fox candy is a good idea too. Yes I have a big sweet tooth and Har.Yarn.V’s latest candiikkat collection is exactly what I need .
The Fox’s candy is the inspiration behind this collection . “Inspired by this exact childlike emotion that exists in each one of us, Har.Yarn.V’s latest collection comes in a psychedelic range of hues such as green, yellow, pink, orange and red. The Candikkat Collection are true representative of the bright colours one commonly finds in candy stores around the world.”
“And my super fun self while working helped me naming my collections like IKKATZAADE season 2, (watched this Hindi movie and was humming the song and the name clicked), ” Says Kanishk founder of Har.Yarn.V
Complete with gilets, shirt dresses, capes, tie tops and tunic dresses, the two collections offer a unique twist to the atypical Har.Yarn.V vibe.
Given Kanishk’s love for Ikat and Indian wear he recommends every woman must have an Ikat cape, an ikat saree  an ikat shrug(teamed up with saree, skirt …),maxi shirts and a scarf ! Phew thats a lot of Ikat !
 Kanishk says he really fancies Ikats. As a designer , he loves the whole process of making of Ikat. From the calculation, calculative dyeing, weaving , washing  everything. Ranjan and Ranjan in their book Handmade in India write -‘ ingenious technology such as chitkaasu , a curved frame with pegs on which the weft threads are grouped and tied for dyeing , has sustained production . Weaving is a full time activity often the entire family being involved in the craft. Simple geometric designs , multicolored patterns , stripes and chevron forms are dominant patterns . Other influences include Gujarat Patola, ikat Patterns from Orissa, Japan and Guatemala ( South America) introduced by exporters and trade. The most significant impetus has come from the Festival of India programmes( 1982-1992) which revitalized the weaving craft.’
Each  garment from Ikkatzade or Candiikat  can be mixed and matched , so  it feels like you are wearing a different ensemble every time.Like for instance, Ikat shrug can be teamed up with a saree, skirt , hot pants and dress !


Designed for the quintessential bubbly girl who lights up any room through her positivity, the ikat collections are colourful . The collection is designed for the peppy girl who loves to talk, make new friends and is always surrounded by people listening to her chatter in anticipation of her next witty remark. Yes I can see you nodding your head :)

You  can buy the sweet delights at Har.Yarn.V online store here .
Its also available on Jaypore and World Art Community.

The collections are also available at :

MORA TAARA, Galaxy hotel, Gurgaon
and would soon be launched at The Autumn Leaf , Hyderabad
To learn more about Har.Yarn.V  and story behind this cool – see our previous post about them here.
Image Courtesy : Har.Yarn.V




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