Home Tour – Walk into my home with Sapna Franswah

One of my favorite parts about home tours is I get invited into stranger homes with a lot of love and warmth well mosty virtually :) .. Ok I am not complaining  BUT only if you could send over some nice cake and chocolate  cookies please !
Sapna’s home is simple, beautiful and extremely charming – I also plan to steal this bed and a particular chair from that house if I don’t receive a chocolate truffle cake by tomorrow morning . Sigh …
Oh btw  here is fun thing to listen to . Imagine Pratibha Patil doing this ? You remember her don’t you ?
Sapna over to you and thank you for inviting all of us to your beautiful house …I Love the little Hyderabadi elements in the decor.
Most of my furniture is designed by me and I have my carpenters who did a fabulous job. Few of the wardrobes are second hand. I went to the old areas of the city and bought it from people who were disposing off furniture..teak furniture. Purchased them for a steal and got them repaired and polished.
I love space and as you can see my house is not crammed at all. There is a lot of space which makes it not only airy and bright but also easy to clean.
I personally do not like woodwork (plywood) and I prefer furniture that can be moved around.
My living is a mix of contemporary and Eclectic…in fact most of the room styles are bohemian and eclectic.  My dining area is more ethnic a mix between british colonial and traditional hyderabadi. And since I absolutely love the color blue…you can see a lot of my accessories and upholstery in blue.
I changed my work area twice…I love where it is now..it is my space..my heaven. This area adds a lot of color to my house. I try my best not to keep to furniture that is totally color coordinated. I try to do that with my clients interiors as well.
My bed/cot is one of a kind. Its carved and has a gothic feel to it and the carpenters did a fab job.
I used a grey granite looking floor tiles to give the house a rustic look.My living is smaller than other rooms in my house. To give an illusion of a bigger space, I used the same color floor tiles…cladding tiles on the wall. The room looks more spacious.

I have colored few of the furniture pieces myself. And most of the paintings you see on the walls are made by me.


Kids’ room – a family full of talented musicians !


The garden area credit totally goes to my father.
A lot of my friends and family make one common comment..that my home is very welcoming and comfortable. And that’s what I always wanted.
PITR : We also discovered an interesting bunch of Indian ethnic art and textiles here .
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