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Meet Priya Krishan and her beautiful abode.  Priya has been living in Gurgaon since 2008. She used to live in the US earlier. A single mother of a 14 year old , it took her a good year to get settled down back in India.

“Firstly, I grew up in Kerala (Kochi) – Yes, Gods Own Country! Secondly, I had never been to the northern part of India until my 2008 move here. And thirdly, I have lived in the US for 15 years – which sort of changes us and our outlook on things.”

“Gurgaon has now grown on me, barring the crazy polluted air. I have a good circle of friends, have an active social life. I like to travel – domestic and international. A lot of the artefacts i have at home are little mementos from my various trips. My style of decoration is influenced a lot by where i spent most of my summer’s – in my grandmother’s home in Kerala.”



“I like the old world ornate furniture and decor. I have a few decorative pieces i have kept like the Bronze statue and some of the brass items. The bronze statue is one of my favourite pieces. ”


This medal was awarded to her grandmother’s father, when he was attained the title of RAO BAHADUR, on june 3rd, 1929. You can see Lord Irwin’s signature on it. I don’t think any one room is a favourite place as such for me, it depends on my mood.


Her furniture is almost totally custom made. “My dining table and chairs along with the cabinet and hutch are from the US. So is my Lazy Boy recliner. All others have been made here. Neetu Jairaj has done most of my furniture for me. She is based in Delhi and is excellent. I think every home must have some decor representing their background …in my case, being a Keralite, I have that big painting of the Malayali lady with a Veena. It can be big or small, but something that connects to home.”



A home should also represent who you are. I travel a lot and it is clear in my decor. I don’t buy things to decorate and fill a space, rather fill it with something personal. If there is an empty space in the wall, i like to put up my daughter’s art work. She loves to draw.


 I am sure Priya’s little girl will be making such paintings one day which currently adorn her home.


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