Holiday gifting guide – for the home

Its that wonderful time of the year , when all you want is endless cups of chai ( or coffee perhaps) , snuggle into your quilts and read a nice happy book ( or watch your favorite movies ) .

With Christmas cheer in the air if you are looking for ideas on what to gift your family and friends for their homes then look no further . Here are some of our online favorites , buy them for your loved ones or just stack them for yourself if you don’t want to share so much beauty 😉

  1. Studio pottery has a very special place in my heart and home. Khurja is a small place in UP in the outskirts of Delhi. These beautiful Khurja pottery cups will make a perfect gift for any coffee lover. Buy them at Gaatha here .
gaatha - cups

2. For all those knick knacks that don’t quite have a place like jewelry, pens, keys, etc. This wooden tray or organizer is the perfect solution. It’s made from Eco-friendly wood and made pretty with decoupaged paper. With this on your coffee table, you’ll never lose your remote control again. It can be a perfect and unique gift for many occasions. Embellish your kitchen with this distinct piece which can be best used for serving tea, food and drinks.  Buy this Design5studio at Tadpole store here

tadpolestore-design5studio tray

3. One of my favorite designers Kanika has these beautiful holiday pillow covers at her recently launched Anek Designs online store. Warm and Comfy Cable Knit Off White Pillow Cover with Mother of Pearl Buttons at the back. Hand Knitted by underprivileged women in Northern India these cushion covers are perfect to add cheer into your lives as well as those of the makers! You can buy this delicious red goodness here and here .



4. Looking for some intricately woven rugs. Look no further, head here for the testimony of the fine weaving skills of the artisans. You can buy these from Kalavilasa at their Facebook store here . They also retail through Etsy.


kalavilasa dhurries

5. Walnut Box : Walnut wood case: Besides sitting royally on your table, they can be used to present nuts, chocolates and mouth fresheners to your guests with the same grandeur… or encase your precious jewels elegantly and guard them with a hidden locking mechanism, a genius of a master’s mind and hands. You can buy these at the Gaatha store here. walnut box1

6. No holiday gifting can be complete without these Jaipuri Razais.  Beautiful Sanganeri block prints on soft cotton, spread in a range of soothing motifs and patterns is a must-have for every home. Hybernate or go around… but in style, in Jaipur style!jaipuri razai


7. Here is a beautiful art print of a miniature painting. If you love the miniature art as much as I do then buy it on Fab Furnish here.


fabfurnish painting

8. Buy these beautiful silver filigree Christmas ornaments from the Good Earth here.Celebrate the craft of Taarkashi with us.



Or check out this dancy flaky snowman –  The channapatna twist on the popular snowman, the flaky family will dance their way to your hearts. Each piece has been pain stakingly hand-crafted by artisans from Channapatna using the traditional lacquer ware turning technique. The colours used are traditional non-toxic vegetable colours. By one of our favorite brands Varnam , you can buy these here.



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