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Hi There .

Peacocks in the rain- Inspiration India

Hi , I am Ila and this is my design blog. I actually wanted to call this blog as Mor in Monsoon but the name got really confusing for my non-Indian friends as one of them said ” You are going to call it MorninMonsoon , what is that going to be about ? So after a lot of pondering and sleepless nights ( yes I could not sleep over it ), this is what I named my blog.

So if you are wondering what is this Peacocks in rain all about ? Here it goes … first Peacocks are India’s national bird and probably the most beautiful bird you will ever lay eyes on. Second Rains and Monsoon is India’s favorite season well for a lot of people that is :)

and Third you must see peacocks dancing in the rain , it is the most beautiful , enchanting experience ever !

So this blog is going to be very Indian , inspired by all beautiful things in India – specially fabrics, design , art , jewellery everything.

So come hop on for enchanting ride .

#musicoftheday – Here


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