Fashion and Décor haunt – The Shop

Cannaught Place in Delhi is a true blue Dilliwalla/walli’s haunt. My parents spent their dating days in United Coffee house , Wenger’s et al and I remember dating hubby dearest in the Chai shop at the Oxford book Store. Well not the perfect dating place but you know when you like someone you want to take them to your favorite places. So now on every trip to Delhi I take him to The Shop.

He grudgingly tries to find a comfortable corner to sit in and update himself with the latest in the Twitter and News Channel world while also trying to babysit our three year old son , I go around THE SHOP with oohs and aaahs.

On my last Delhi trip I discovered that  apart from CP and Noida there is a store in Meher Chand market too ! And it is AMAZING. Unfortunately I could only take some pictures with my phone camera but this place was full of “handmade” goodness.


That’s me trying to take you for a tour in the store.


They have a super cute kids section. Yes even for the boys !! Only if I had a toddler who would not insist on wearing the same T-shirt everyday . If you went through the same phase with your children please drop a comment below :)


Handmade bibs, bags and stuff toys !!




Multi-colored book marks and bowls.




Sometimes you want to buy the entire store.



Multi-colored , super versatile floor cushions.



More details about The Shop in the video below. For purchasing some of their products and getting the exact location of the store, click here

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