Colours and designs of Karvachauth

Karvachauth is a big festival in northern India where women fast for good health and long life of their husbands. Before you go through the following pictures , make this festival a special day to celebrate the love between husband and wife , if you feel this festival has old customs which don’t make sense […]


Shop – Kala House Of Colour

Claire came to India in January 2012 , when she was working for a consulting firm and fell in love with the vibrancy and color of India. Two years later she left with a dream , a fantastic business idea and two adopted dogs   She started conceiving the idea of starting the business while […]


Handmade in India

I used to do pottery many years ago. Over the years as we moved cities , unfortunately I lost touch. Pottery taught me several things . PATIENCE was the most important of them and then the importance of creating something from your own hands. In an era where we probably use our fingers to only […]