Block Print love- Rekh & Datta

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Its getting busier and busier at Peacocks in the Rain . Its unbelievable on how much we want to talk about on this site and there is soooooo little time.

This morning I was looking for places where I could visit block print artisans in Rajastan , Sanganer, Jaipur …. and I went to my favorite Anokhi Museum. And this is how I discovered Rekh&Datta.

Rebecca spent several years in India as a Fullbright scholar researching the history and technique of block printing. Her relationships with local printers and producers of the best quality cotton cloth has enabled deep collaboration in the design and fabrication of Rekh&Datta textiles.

Rekh is the hindi word for line; datta means shape . Together line and shape are the foundation of her design .


BeFunky Collage

Her Prints are geometric , simple and contemporary. She has adapted the block printing techniques in her modern silhouettes and style with amazing ease.




Her products can be found here :

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