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Baise Gaba (derived from the Marwari dialect, means traditional clothing) is true to it’s name. The roots of Rajasthan make the base of this brand. You will find the most intricate handwork and the use of most vibrant colors- an authentic Rajasthani blend. Baise Gaba has everything to satisfy one’s thirst for fashion- from traditional to western and indo-western, the brand offers plethora of options in the women’s wear segment. Each piece is developed like an art and every detail is taken care of .


Baise Gaba was born in their minds way before it came into existence. Two sisters, with totally different ideology but one common love- fashion, came together to turn their dreams into reality.

img_3994Reena and Ruchi took their formal education in varied genres. Reena Kakralia Ghasil holds a  graduate degree in Computer applications  and a post graduate diploma in Animations from Coventry University, London. Whereas, Ruchi is a graduate in Accessory and lifestyle design from NIFT Hyderabad.

The life was moving on at its own pace. School, higher education, then job. But their common love could not stay passive for long. They quit their jobs and eventually came up with this idea of having to present their love to the world. They started with making beautiful attires for friends and family and after getting much needed motivation and well deserved appreciation,  Baise Gaba was born.




“As we are indigenous designers, so we want our designs on variety of women not only on Indian women, we would be happy to see our clothes on women from different cultures and countries and also we imagine somewhere down the line when people talk about designers from Rajasthan Baise Gaba comes in their list !!” says the sister duo.

(this little pink floral off shoulder top is a perfect example)    little-pink-floral-cotton-offshoulder-top

“We would love to see – Aditi Rao Hyadri, Jacqueline Fernandez, Emma Stone and Blake Lively in Baise Gaba creations. We think a classy sari , a pair of salwar kameez , a pair of jeans, a shirt and a dress from their mom or grandma are must have staples in any global woman’s wardrobe. ” Reena and Ruchi


kurta“We consider the season, the place, the culture, ethnicity, the regular search, to capture the different designs and arts around us . From Gotta patti to Dabu print there is a bit of tradition in all Baise Gaba’s dresses.”

dabu-printBaise Gaba’s upcoming collection for the festival season , will involve traditional anarkali’s ,straight suits ,lehangas,sari, skirts  for the girls to  perfect for all occasions from family functions to festivals . This “ LOTUS COLLECTION” is a traditional touch coming in  silk,crape ,chanderi,cotton silk ,tussar silk in beautiful color range !!


As Baatein beautifully sums for Baise Gaba


You dance in a contemporary world,
carrying tradition in your heart,
the pride, the royalty, the music
which sets you apart,
You aren’t a queen parading, you are history reincarnated and serenading

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