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Aurea Blue Pottery is a socially motivated enterprise established with the aim of reviving the traditional art of Jaipur’s Blue Pottery and providing livelihood to craftsmen. Their elegantly styled product range comprises unique souvenirs including home decor accessories, office and desk accessories and premium gifts.

Roopal Aurea’s founder was born and brought up in Jaipur, and was always  passionate about the rich heritage and crafts of the Pink City.



“With my love for art and colors, I gradually became an avid collector and pursuer of colorful pottery. Soon enough I decided to take a de-tour from from my career as a corporate lawyer, to follow my passion for art and blue pottery of Jaipur. My interests got me acquainted with a few blue pottery artisans of Jaipur, who were finding it challenging to sustain their livelihood inspite of support programs from the government.” Roopal


So, Aurea Blue Pottery was established in late 2013, with a couple of artisans and a vision to revive the craft of Jaipur’s blue pottery. “The name AUREA, which stands for resplendent beauty, is inspired by the result of our first trial batch – which gave radiant hues and shining surface. We teamed up to start Aurea Blue Pottery, primarily to get an edge on the designs and marketability of blue pottery, and also to reach out to art enthusiasts and patrons in our own country.” Roopal

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“Our artisans reside in villages just outside Jaipur city. Although we stand for the future of Blue Pottery, we have made a conscious choice to remain true to this art which binds us to the rich heritage and culture of Jaipur. We have opted to shun mass production, we nurture each piece with the time and skill that truly makes it a masterpiece – an object which will become priceless with time.”
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“Even as we take small orders for corporate gifting, we take 2-3 months of lead time, so that each item is crafted to perfection.Our artisans take pride in what they do, because each piece that they make shines with the brilliance of their efforts and reflects their skill. Overall, this motivates the artisans and myself, because we are not clocking our efforts to churn out thousands of pots with colors. We do not wish to grow with volumes of hurriedly made pottery, and compete with factory made cheap ceramics. Because that isn’t the place that highly skilled artisans can thrive. As we grow, we wish to include and train more people who can add value to our enterprise by the beauty of their produce and mastery of their skill.”
(this singing bird pattern is one of my favorites)


Aurea focuses on new designs, variety, durability and utility. They have combined wrought iron and wooden elements and other materials, which gives them opportunity to add features to blue pottery which were not traditionally possible. For example, the desk organizer comprising a blue pottery pen-stand and trinkets holder, comes with a wrought iron stand, making it convenient to use, and less prone to chipping.
This beautiful Aurea desk organizer doubles up as a beautiful makeup and trinkets holder .
 We are continuously developing products, which communicate the philosophy of our brand and sustain our presence as the popular shop for unique gifts and beautiful home decor.

Aurea also designs wall tiles and concepts for interior decor.


(Use this Handi vase to store your treasures or as a statement table center piece)






Aurea has recently launched one of its kind blue pottery pattern designed coloring pages. Anyone who signs-up on the website, will get a download for free. People can also email them to get the pdf version in their inbox.


Aurea retails at their outlet in Jaipur at Hotel Rangoli, Panch Batti, M.I. Road, Jaipur
You can also purchase them online at
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