A Diwali DIY

This DIY will help you play around with the t-light in more creative ways .

Materials you will need : You will already have most of this material at home.

  • Small T-light candles
  • fresh flowers – pick your favorites more the merrier
  • Wine glasses ( yes ! ). You can even use normal drinking water glasses .
  • Chai glasses ( which are used for serving tea in roadside Tea stalls , they usually cost 2- 4 Rs !
  • Spray paint or any acryilic paint
  • rubberbands
  • A ganesha statue or any other favorite sculpture or a centerpiece


Look 1  with wine glasses.

1.Fill the wine part with fresh flowers instead.

2. You could keep just one color of the flowers or mix up different kinds of flowers.

3. Just invert the glass and place the t-light candle on top. See the picture below.




Look 2 with chai glasses

  1. Put the rubberbands around the glasses. You can put them around randomly
  2. Use a spray paint to paint the glasses. You can use different colors or follow a theme
  3. Once the paint dries up take out the rubber bands , it will leave a nice random pattern on the glass
  4. Pair it up with your favorite Ganesha statue.Let
Let the celebrations begin !


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