Walk into my Wardrobe with Revady

What follows are pictures taken by cell phone. So please excuse the quality of the images. But there is no way I could have missed featuring Revady for our Walk into my Wardrobe section. She is chick, smart , intelligent and totally rocks her desi Indian looks. ( blue cotton anarkali suit with tree block […]


Meet the designer – Chhapa

First the music as requested by the Chhapa founders Ahmedabad in many respects is a city in contrasts and contradictions. The spectacular architectural heritage set in the old quarters of the city where even today merchants and skilled craft persons live in quaint houses with carved wooden entrances that are characteristic of the pols the […]


Home Tour : Walk into my home Chandramadhavi

This is something new on the blog. I have never covered a house which is based on Green Architecture . Its Indian , its beautiful , its breathtaking, its natural and ecofriendly  in so many ways. It is based on the 5R concept – Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Respect. Perhaps we use the same […]


Meet the designer – handmade shoes by Paaduks

First the music . Thanks Chaitanya for letting me choose something of my choice. Hope you guys like it. ‘Paaduks’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Paadukas’ which is the name of India’s oldest, most quintessential footwear. ‘Paada’ means foot in Sanskrit and ‘Paaduks’ essentially means footwear. Jay, Jothsna and Jidnyasa are engineering graduates who set […]


Walk into my home with Nivedita Karthik

  Nivedita’s design sensibilities are charming and mimimalistic. This decor has traditional Indian elements yet quite contemporary. I am going to hand it over to her to talk about her inspiration, but first her choice of music to be played with this post  here I am based in London. My husband and I moved here […]


Paithani Sari from Maharashtra

I have lived in Pune for a few  years and this post is an ode to the proud Marathas who are fiercely loyal and proud of their rich cultural heritage. What follows is probably just the tip of the iceberg and I will be writing more from this part of the country in many more […]


Meet the designer – Kanishk of HAR.YARN.V

Kanishk let me choose the song and I think this will be perfect. Kanishk is from a  Haryanvi family which has been based in Gurgaon for over a century hence the name                HAR. YARN.V. I also met him at a recent Summer Mela in Dastkaar in Delhi and finally got to see all his beautiful […]


Meet the Artist – Bipasha Sarangi

I have featured a few artists previously on the blog. Going forward , this will be a regular feature as a part of ” Meet the artist “. I love Bipasha’s thoughts behind each piece of her art. It shows that each stroke comes with a strong mind and a very gentle heart… “I’m an artist” […]